Saturday, 31 March 2012

The sensual world of sex toys

As I wrote this post, was reduced to a time when The Hills (judge me), when KristinCavallari was observed that sex with Brody Jenner was "very vanilla." She and afriend were in a sex toy store when the conversation began. sex toys were invented so that the act of following a bit more spice and vanilla a little less, but some toysare too disturbing and makes me want to confine my vagina forever and throw away the keydo not consider myself a very "vanilla" person, but this is too out there.

I told my editor at DC, Alex, I'll have to delete my Google history after writing thispost because people will think I'm weird huge S & M sex addict rare. This material is whips and chains so that past and all that stuff like Rihanna, this is very strange.Some of these toys are only a part of it is super scary and depressing. But hey, I'm not one to judge. Although I think this is super rare, if that's your cup of tea and makes you happy, go ahead. More power to you.

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